ISO 14001 EMS Consultancy Services

The ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management systems applicable to all businesses. The objective of this standard is to reduce the environmental footprint of a business and to decrease the pollution and waste that a business produces.

The ISO 14001 standard can be adopted by any organization that seeks to improve the environmental impact of their business operations. This standard is of particular importance to large multi-national, multi-site companies, manufacturing, process and service industries across all industry sectors.

The benefits of ISO 14001 accreditation include:

  • A more proactive and measured process for environmental sustainability across the supply chain
  • Enhanced levels of waste reduction
  • Enhanced level of employee health and welfare
  • Reduced impact of business operations to the surrounding environment
  • Adherence to regulatory requirements on environmental impact

Pentagon will assist you in reaping the benefits of ISO 14001 certification by:

  • Formulating internal & external objectives under environmental management
  • Establish systems and procedures for management control on all activities and processes that have an impact on the environment
  • Establishing processes to assure employees that they are working for an environmentally responsible organization.
  • Establishing processes to provide assurance on environmental issues to external stakeholders � such as customers, the community and regulatory agencies
  • Benchmarking processes for compliance with environmental regulations