ISO 27001 ISMS Consultancy Services

The ISO 27001 standards are aimed towards protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information within an organization. Information security controls in a business operation address how corporate data or information is handled during the course of business. The focus of ISMS hence goes beyond information technology. In today�s connected world, corporate data, and the IT infrastructure which holds this data is one of the most valuable assets of an organisation. Such information assets are held by organizations on behalf of their customers, by virtue of providing them business services. It thus becomes imperative for organizations to ensure that:

  • There exists a robust process to examine the organization's information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities and impacts
  • Designs and implements a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment (such as risk avoidance or risk transfer) to address those risks that it deems unacceptable
  • Adopts an overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls continue to meet the organization's information security needs on an on-going basis

Benefits of ISO 27001 accreditation include:

  • Compliance to a robust data protection, information technology and governance standard
  • Lower cost of information security incidents
  • Differentiation in the marketplace, particularly when handling sensitive client information
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities within your organisation, with respect to handling information assets

Pentagon brings the necessary expertise to assess your organization�s preparedness to address information security requirements according to the ISO 27001 standard by:

  • Identifying and categorizing your information assets
  • Identifying threats and vulnerabilities
  • Performing a detailed information security risk assessment
  • Identifying controls that are required for effective information security management
  • Continuously assess adherence to controls and reduce impact of threats and vulnerabilities