SA 8000 Social Accountability Standard

In a global economy, corporate social responsibility assumes tremendous significance for all organizations which play a role in this eco-system. In such a scenario, there exists the necessity for organizations to demonstrate the implementation of sound corporate social responsibility programs within their organization.

Social Accountability International (SAI) is a non-governmental, international organization dedicated to improving the working conditions of the global workforce by developing and implementing globally applicable, socially responsible standards. SA8000:2008 is an auditable standard for a third-party verification system, setting out the voluntary requirements to be met by employers in the workplace, including workers´┐Ż rights, workplace conditions, and management systems. SA 8000 standard works towards:

  • Eradication of child labour, forced or compulsory labour
  • Ensuring the health and safety of workers
  • Ensuring the rights of workers to their freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Eradication of discrimination in any form or on any basis
  • Eradication of harsh disciplinary practices such as corporal punishment, coercion
  • Enforcing reasonable working hours
  • Ensuring adherence to minimum wage standards
  • Implementing management systems to oversee the adherence to these workplace practices

Any legal entity can apply for accreditation with SA 8000:2008 standard: Manufacturers, Service Organizations, Trading Houses, Banks, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies, etc.

Benefits of SA8000 include:

  • A demonstrated system of corporate social responsibility in the workplace
  • Clear articulation of organizational responsibility towards Social Accountability
  • Transparency and traceability of all workplace related issues
  • Opportunity to participate in the global supply chain of organizations which insist on the existence of a fair workplace environment
  • Improvement of employer-employee relationship, resulting in a safe and healthy workplace environment
  • More visible compliance to labour laws